Take charge and market your training programs

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marketMarket your digital training program is an essential step in making sure learners actively join in the program and continue to stay involved. However, marketing is not just a question of reasoning and convincing your audience. It is actually a studied implementation of a variety of tools and techniques that help you market your service.

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The purpose of this guide is to take you into the mind of an experienced marketer to learn the right habits and reflexes that will help you market to your learners with maximum impact.

Understanding your target is the first step.

By putting yourself in the shoes of your learner, you will be able to better adapt the program’s objectives and make wellinformed educational decisions. Using this “product” approach helps you ensure that your training program is closely aligned with your expectations of your “clients”.

Figure out the daily routine of your learners

Your targets have their own professions. By understanding who they are and what they do you can guarantee high training adoption rates. Why? You will be able to adapt your educational content to their needs and communicate in a way that is best designed to reach them. For example, you can set up specific training subjects that tie directly into their current operational issues; or you can use real scenarios to explore stakes and solutions. For maximum impact, you can also adapt the vocabulary so that everyone is speaking the same “language”.

Find out what motivates them

By listing out the needs and motivations of your targets, you are making an inventory of different leverage points you can use when communicating with them. In the same way, listing out potential obstacles and motivating triggers is equally essential if you want to make sure your program has realistic goals.

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