Company as community

The company as community: The impact of social media on the corporate world (engl.)

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This white paper explores the issues surrounding social media within the business world, asking the opinion of 5 observers from very different fields. This paper is not just a summary of technologies linked to Web 2.0, but a study of the impact of these technologies and community on individuals and on the corporate world as a whole.

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Today, social media are presenting all the characteristics of that type of disruption. The private sector has already made this major change: Nielsen announced in February 2009 that Internet users are now spending more time on social networking sites and in a digital community than using e-mail. It must therefore be only a matter of time before these sites make their impact felt on companies’ processes and operating methods.

CrossKnowledge has been quick to take an interest in these new modes of communication, certain that they’ll improve the effectiveness of teaching methods and the development of employees’ skills. These new conversations cannot however be divided up into so many functional silos”, as the community company is redrawing new spaces within and outside the business, a new relation to time and new relationships between individuals, whether they be clients, partners, suppliers or employees. We therefore believe it necessary to look at how these collaborative methods will affect all the tasks of human resources departments.