CrossKnowledge addresses this subject head-on in a new white paper focusing on evaluation in the new tech age.

Evaluating and demonstrating the value of training

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valueIs training a cost or an investment? The question might seem a little brutal, but it is asked more and more often at senior management meetings. The answer depends on us: on our ability to demonstrate how our budgets make a contribution to business value and performance.

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The principle of training evaluation is taken for granted; over 95% of organisations carry out some kind of assessment. Evaluation protocols are systematically used to measure the satisfaction of participants, often used to measure knowledge acquisition, rarely used to measure changes in professional behaviours, and almost never used to measure the impact on business performance.

The ambition of this white paper is to clarify the challenges of assessment for each stakeholder, to review the evaluation models available to us, and to see what impact changes in the world of training have had on assessment approaches. Its main aim is to share corporate best practices and to suggest practical ways of demonstrating the true value of training contribution.