Organizations reflect their leaders

Developing a leadership culture through organisation

Organisations reflect their leaders

By taking into account your specific environment (business challenges, enterprise culture, training objectives, etc.), CrossKnowledge creates customised and comprehensive leadership programmes, with results you can measure.

Forward-thinking organisations are taking a proactive approach to the massive shift in the way the world does business in the 21st century. Investments in leadership development opportunities are on the rise. According to 2014 The Leadership Development Factbook (Bersin by Deloitte), a 14% increased investment in L&D initiatives indicates a strong commitment to develop leadership programmes.

Leaders are no longer the only ruling party of an organisation. As information becomes readily accessible to more and more people, autonomy replaces hierarchy. Every individual in the workforce is a leader and their effective leadership is evidenced by their ability to undergo rapid changes with ease, maintain efficacy in turbulent, unpredictable environments and transform challenges into opportunities.

Each company is a unique and ever-changing ecosystem. In today’s landscape, we can no longer afford to make the assumption that “one size fits all” regardless of strategy or culture.

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