CrossKnowledge Mohive to facilitate brand training at Jaguar Land Rover

"One thing we’ve found with CrossKnowledge is that they’re great listeners. If we have a specific need, they help us get there."





CrossKnowledge Mohive to facilitate brand training at Jaguar Land Rover




Achieving operational excellence

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Jaguar Land Rover has a long reputation as a manufacturer of premium passenger vehicles with internationally recognised brands, a global distribution network, and strong research and development capabilities. It sold more than 460,000 vehicles in 2014.

The group knows the value and power of speed. As one of the world’s most successful premium vehicle manufacturers, the company’s training and development operation needs to be agile, swift and adaptive. That way, Jaguar Land Rover retailers separated by geography, language and culture, all have the information they need to more effectively sell new models and counter competitors. By choosing Mohive, Jaguar Land Rover’s e-learning operation now drives success with faster product training, innovative customer-support learning, and smarter support for vehicle technicians at more than 3,000 retailers spread across 160 countries.

Streamlining content creation process

In the past, Jaguar Land Rover’s training operation was done with a mix of different styles, formats and technical standards that caused delays and problems. Content developers were spending too much time recreating platforms for global teams, which wasn’t cost effective and resulted in brand inconsistencies.

To solve these issues, Jaguar Land Rover adopted a single authoring system for all of its learning content across all its markets, through a collaboration with CrossKnowledge. This streamlined content development process means that when the company needs to inform its sales team of new updates or when technicians need to respond to unexpected service issues, the company can act swiftly and cost effectively as one global brand.

Faster, standardised training with Mohive

The Mohive e-learning publishing system enables Jaguar Land Rover to standardise brand training for all of its customer-facing employees – from receptionists to retailers – across its 3,000 retail locations. The company can now produce a high volume of new training modules and quickly roll out new product updates to retail locations so that all sales teams have the most up-to-date information on new Jaguar Land Rover products. The company also uses CrossKnowledge Mohive to quickly and efficiently train vehicle technicians on how to maintain and configure new vehicles with the latest technical specifications and updates, no matter where they are located in the world.

Multi-lingual development

Mohive also enables Jaguar Land Rover to instantly manage training content across any of the dozen languages spoken by the company’s 55,000 active learners. That allows Jaguar Land Rover and trainers to focus more on developing innovative content rather than devoting precious time to maintaining older modules. “We’re growing as a company in markets like China, Russia, Brazil, and the Middle East, says Trevor Drawwater, Content manager for the Jaguar Land Rover Academy. We need tools that will grow with us, and we get great support from CrossKnowledge.”

Cost-effective content

With an adaptive platform, the company can now focus its money and time on customising innovative training, rather than rebuilding and retooling its platform every time it wants to roll out new training.
“Content creators who use the Mohive solution say it shaves authoring time down substantially and can now take as little as five days” comments Trevor Drawwater. Going forward, Jaguar Land Rover is eager to take advantage of CrossKnowledge Mohive’s adaptive abilities by adopting more interactive learning and scenario-based learning.

“One thing we’ve found with CrossKnowledge is that they’re great listeners, says Trevor Drawwater. If we have a specific need, they help us get there. They’re always listening and looking at new ideas and staying ahead of what learning will look like in the future.”