Boosting your digital culture

By 2018, digital jobs and businesses will grow by 500%. 67% of the current jobs will be overtaken by robots within 30 years. Undeniably, digital technologies are impacting the workplace, whether in the way we collaborate, use big data, or innovate. Digitalisation has also had an impact on daily working habits, since work can now be done anywhere, anytime and on any device. One of the objectives of CrossKnowledge is to prepare the businesses for their digital transformation and to boost their digital culture, in order to reinforce the competitive advantage.

terreHighly disruptive times

The digital transformation means that organisations nowadays are confronted with highly disruptive times.  In addition, the generation of millennials, who have now joined the workforce, feel comfortable with most of the tools the digital age has to offer while other generations generally have different expectations and attitudes regarding technology.  As a result, the 21st century employee is expected to collaborate remotely, share information easily and boost organisational productivity. But the workforce is not equipped: 50% of employees think their company is behind in joining the digital transformation and 82% of CEOs feel their staff is too slow to embrace this change.


outilsDigital literacy: The ultimate package

Mastering digital skills doesn’t necessarily mean digital literacy. For example, simply understanding how to use software designed for virtual meetings does not guarantee high performance during the virtual meeting. To reach high impact results, organisations also need to understand how to plan and organise an online meeting, and master communication and delegation skills in a remote setting.

Therefore, digital literacy requires an integrated focus on technical, functional and behavioral skills. Since the 21st century requires mastery of these complimentary skillsets, CrossKnowledge creates customisable and turnkey solutions to target those skills that your organisation needs to retain competitive advantage in the digital age. We can help you succeed in boosting your digital culture and lead your organisation to embrace the digital transformation.


Example topics covered by this category include:

Digital Literacy – Big Data – Digital Marketing – Crowdsourcing – Digital Transformation – Innovation… and many more titles!