Ensuring well-being and engagement

Most business leaders today agree that the new sources of stress in the 21st century workplace can compromise value creation in the long term. In a connected world, communication has become easier yet interruptions and information overload can contribute to higher absenteeism, lower performance and loss of motivation. Well-being is no longer only a HR issue, it is also a business issue. CrossKnowledge will bring your staff members new techniques and skills to better manage their time, reduce stress and create a friendly environment conductive to performance.

hommeFeel better at work!

How can your staff find the right balance between their personal and professional lives? How can they learn to better manage their stress? If employees feel happy at work, they will be motivated to collaborate better with their colleagues. CrossKnowledge solutions will give your organisation the tools to do just that–including generation Y and Millennials–in order to develop skills not only to feel better at work, but to ensure that your organisation harnesses the full potential of your staff. Addressing key topics from positive psychology, empathy, workspace design and emotional intelligence, our goal is to give your organisation the keys to happier and more motivated staff.

mac2Work smarter!

The digital era has greatly changed how people organise their time, which means that new time management and organisational skills are necessary. What’s more, to ensure success, everyone in the organisation must be aligned.

This starts by providing a development programme that corresponds to the stakes of your organisation. CrossKnowledge can also help to rethink and redesign your workplace as well as to give a method in order to keep your staff motivated and engaged.


Example topics covered by this category include:

Work-Life Balance – Assertiveness and Self-confidence – Time Management – Emotional Intelligence – Problem Solving – Conflict Management – Change Management – Diversity… and many more titles!