CrossKnowledge Videocasts
Inspire and engage

Leadership is no longer reserved to a small elite of senior managers in the organisation, but encompasses a more diverse group of people. 
Our Leaders collection showcases the diversity of 21st century leadership: discover personal stories from managers and other individuals who have made a difference at various levels and departments in global organisations. Whether they have asserted their leadership, taken risks, or shown themselves to be visionaries; they are all committed to sharing the lessons they have learned from the challenges they faced head-on and conquered.

Education, not information

In today’s connected world, “information” is often confused with “education”: CrossKnowledge specialises in the second. Our videocasts are much more than just run-of-the-mill interviews with journalists, or experts from speeches that can be found easily on the Internet. Our videocasts are carefully crafted with one goal: to inspire and empower the learner to take real action through the insights of our prestigious faculty.


CrossKnowledge Videocasts are based on our time-tested format: they are very short (maximum 3 minutes), they utilise learning design based on storytelling to ensure engagement, and they end with a lesson and questions to make sure the learner contextualises the newly acquired knowledge into his/her personal work environment.

Integrated into training programmes, these videocasts inspire all who watch them to learn and to change their attitudes. Subjects range from leadership and personal development to more strategic subjects such as mergers and acquisitions and changing organisational culture.