A Management Team of Innovators, Pacesetters, and True Experts

Every member of the CrossKnowledge management team is an innovator, pacesetter, and expert in their field of expertise.

Pascal El Grably

Chief Operations Officer

A vibrant storyteller who loves sharing his ideas and vision with colleagues, partners, and clients, Pascal oversees CrossKnowledge’s operations worldwide, managing our sales and services teams. He believes in harmony and teamwork, and strives to ensure that our clients’ employees achieve both personal and corporate goals.

Steve Fiehl

Chief Innovation Officer

Passionate about developing people and, quite simply, about helping them become better at what they do, Steve runs the research & development  teams at CrossKnowledge. He enjoys creating unique ways to enable employees to reach their full potential, and hopes ultimately to empower people to go beyond what they imagine.


Stephan Atsou

Head of Continental Europe Operations

Stephan values interpersonal relationships and relishes those often-overlooked day-to-day encounters that give real meaning in his responsibilities as head of operations in Continental Europe. He truly wants workplaces to bring fun and performance together, and for all employees to find that elusive thing we all call work-life balance.

Jacques Levy

Head of Southwestern Europe Operations

Jacques believes every moment should be lived to its fullest and is passionate about creating conditions for continued growth at CrossKnowledge. He brought with him decades of experience that combined his passion for people with involvement in the business.



Estelle Milosavljevic

Head of Marketing

A bona fide change-agent who is always curious about exploring new cultures and new horizons, Estelle drives international marketing activities at CrossKnowledge. With high-energy and open leadership style, she’s managing a multi-skilled team whose obsession is to position the company as a digital learning industry leader.

Guillaume Finot

Head of Finance

Believing constraints can always be overcome if you apply honest self-reflection at the individual and organization levels, Guillaume manages CrossKnowledge’s administration and finance with a mission to act as a business partner to support executive management.



Jason Hathaway

Head of Content and Learning Solutions

As Head of Content and Learning Solutions at Crossknowledge, Jason aims to not only inspire people, but also to empower them to think differently. His greatest motivation is to bring more meaning, beauty and creativity into the world through experiences that help people grow.

Caroline Goldman

Head of Legal

As the attorney and head of legal affairs at CrossKnowledge, Caroline demonstrates a deep understanding of business requirements, which makes her a true business partner. Firmly solution-oriented, she is always trying to answer business needs while ensuring compliance with company policy.


Vincent Alloo

Head of Technology

A technical evangelist, Vincent loves the problem-solving aspects of his job — challenges like resolving complex issues. But what he loves more is coaching and transforming people. The CrossKnowledge Head of Technology is proud of having helped build us into the organization we are today.

Anne-Lise Champavier

Head of Human Resources

Anne-Lise enjoys working closely with people and offering counseling and guidance. She strongly believes in the “human” aspect of human resources. At CrossKnowledge, Anne-Lise serves as head of human resources and is responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s HR strategy.