Digital Shift
Achieve True Digital Adoption to Enable Lasting Change

How to bridge the gap between big technological trends and daily routines? How to ignite a digital mindset?

Digital transformation is a crucial topic affecting companies and people. The first challenge is to define what digital evolution means to your company, how it impacts your people, your market and how to measure it. While accompanying this evolution, the biggest challenge around digital literacy is to get employees to understand what the digital world offers them and the business in a concrete way, focusing not only on technical skills but also on behavioral and functional skills.


Once this gap has been bridged the objective is to focus on acquiring the right skills.


The CrossKnowledge solution for Digital transformation

82% of CEOs believe their staff is too slow to embrace digital change.


So, what’s preventing them for closing the gap? The primary barriers are lack of budget and inadequate trainers.

An 18-week mentored and customized program to ignite real digital transformation


Measure the digital readiness of your employees and evaluate progress with the exclusive Digital Barometer by CrossKnowledge.

Target areas of improvement

Design tailor-made learning experiences mentored by digital experts to reap tangible benefits of technology: collaboration, sharing, and productivity


Acquire technical skills, functional skills, and behavioral skillsthrough customized content

Prove value through concrete results (individual and organizational)

CrossKnowledge expertise in digital readiness helps companies harness the power and potential of organizational anticipation. Our digital expertise applies learning technology that equips employees at any level and with new skills, so they can participate in transformative change anywhere in the company’s ecosystem. CrossKnowledge digitalization expertise:


Prepares for digital transformation and boosts your digital culture

Drives digital literacy, rather than merely teaching digital skills

Helps achieve high-impact results by ensuring that learners understand how to plan and organize to effectively apply digital tools

Has an integrated focus on technical, functional, and behavioral skills — the three skill sets necessary for digital readiness and transformation


CrossKnowledge Has Cracked the Digital Readiness Code

“So many companies have implemented training programs on digital transformation, but they have unfortunately not gone far enough.
People still don’t understand how to bridge the gap between big technological trends and their own daily routines.”

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Rahaf Harfoush, New York Times best-selling author and CrossKnowledge Faculty

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