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Digital learning engineering

CrossKnowledge has a network of international consultants working daily to ensure the success of your projects. They help you to design your platform so that you can implement all the digital learning programs required to support your change initiatives.

These skilled digital learning professionals work alongside you to develop the most effective digital learning programmes for your needs (100% e-learning, social learning or blended learning). They also share ideas for the future development of your solution, leveraging best practices observed in your sector or other business sectors where innovative approaches are emerging.

Change management and digital learning rollout

Our teams have developed a rollout methodology for your projects that has been tried and tested across hundreds of client experiences in all business sectors.

The fact that our digital learning specialists all have this methodology at their fingertips not only guarantees effective rollout; it also ensures that they are highly sensitive to your requirements and fully able to take the specifics of your business.

They will interact with your teams on an on-going basis to implement the learner marketing solutions that best suit your individual needs.
ROI is optimised and maximised throughout the life of all your projects.

L&D empowerment and transformation

The CrossKnowledge Academy is a service exclusively dedicated to our client community. It allows your teams to acquire all the skills necessary for the optimum development of digital projects.

Your experts will learn about and take inspiration from a range of training formats; discover communication and change management methods; find out how to enhance the learner experience; and much more.

The CrossKnowledge Academy offers your organisation highly effective and innovative staff training modules (MOOC, SPOC, Blended Learning, etc.) that are flexible, individualised, attractive, and respond to the operational challenges faced by your staff.

The collaborative platform is not only a constantly enriched forum where feedback and best practices from our client community are shared; it is also a fully-fledged laboratory of innovation where tomorrow’s digital learning solutions take shape.

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