Les missions du groupe CrossKnnowledge, acteur mondial du Digital Learning

We empower your transformation

Our mission

We help organizations to succeed in their transformation through the transformation of each individual. We deliver world class and effective education thanks to our distance learning solutions.

The corporate world is undergoing unprecedented changes.

The impact of these changes on human capital is yet to be fully understood and appreciated. The competitive advantage is difficult to attain due to accelerating changes in technology and an explosion in access to information. Companies find themselves reinventing their economic model while their entire strategy is called into question.

Today, the new focus is on:

  • focusing on clients rather than products
  • empowering operational personnel rather than management
  • innovating continuously rather than in bursts
  • working as a network rather than as independent individuals
  • having a shared vision to increase teamwork

Make the transition from worshiping the leader to a new leadership culture.

Adapting to this new set of circumstances is an enormous challenge for human resources departments, as it is for the employees concerned. Ensuring that teams possess the skills that are essential to the future of the organization; retaining talented individuals and improving their skills; piquing their taste for change and learning; and staying at the forefront of new businesses and new markets… all these challenges require policies designed to acquire and optimise reactive, individual, international skills.

With current or even declining resources, a revolution like this is possible only by making intensive use of new learning technologies.

Whatever form they take, only new learning technologies can lead to the creation of a distance learning solution tailored to each person: programs which become a part of their daily life, available whenever they need them and at the heart of their activity, and which contribute to their long-term professional development.

Just like the computer, which has found its way into every household and onto every desk, we at CrossKnowledge believe that the best training and education will one day be available to everyone thanks to distance learning solutions, at all times, to help people and organizations fully realize their potential.