If you don't have an employee development program, you're already falling behind.


The modern workforce has brought along fresh challenges for organizations.
With multiple generations collaborating in organizations, employee development for today’s workforce has never been a bigger challenge for L&D departments. Focusing on employee development ensures that employees are satisfied with learning opportunities and encourages them to grow in a way that aligns with personal and organizational goals.

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“59 % of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are very important to them when applying for a job.”

– Gallup 2016


“Only 13% of employees are engaged”

– Gallup 2016


“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%”

– Dale Carnegie 2016

L&D recognize that they must invest in employee development programs
not only to improve productivity, better serve customers and strengthen company culture, but also to foster innovation and recruit and retain talented next-generation leaders.

CrossKnowledge’s expertise helps you build employee development initiatives that help bridge the gap between current employee skill sets and needed skill sets. Digital learning programs give short-term benefits to the organization by increasing loyalty and improving performance and engagement.


Our learning expertise includes

Supporting Millennials

Developing soft skills & job skills

Improving Digital Skills

Providing personalized development plans for all

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“The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite appeared as the best designed solution in terms of user experience.
The portal is simple and user-friendly, and the learner workspaces are pleasant to use”

– Laurent Reich, Learning Practice International Director


Our Customized Learning Solutions Helped Transform L’OREAL’s Workforce

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