Leadership development is critical to moving your organization forward

Leadership Development

One of the outcomes of a changing business world is that leaders are no longer the de facto ruling party in an organization. Each person’s leadership skills — from front-line employees to managers to senior leaders — are reflected in their ability to handle change, remain effective in turbulent times, and transform challenges into opportunities. This is why leadership development is so critical.

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“The ability to lead people effectively is roughly 3 to 4 times more important to a leader’s career success than other skills.”

– The Carnegie Foundation


“20% of the difference between productivity and profitability can be directly attributed to better management and better leadership skills.”

– The Institute of Work


“First-line leaders make up 50% to 60% of management and directly supervise 80% of the workforce. ”


– Harvard Business Review

Organizations need customized and comprehensive leadership programs based on their specific culture and strategy and with measurable results.

CrossKnowledge’s expertise ensures that you deliver leadership skills training that is customized to your company’s unique and ever-changing ecosystem. Areas in which this expertise has enhanced leadership for global companies include extending the learning experience across all departments, leveraging different learning formats to create greater learner engagement, and making communication and initiatives more effective through strategies and content available in online, print and video formats.


Our learning expertise includes

Raising levels of leadership readiness

Working for corporate universities

Meeting mobility challenges

Enhancing general leadership capacity

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“We grasped the opportunity to model some of the transformation that we were expecting of our leaders by transforming our learning and development delivery.”

– Mark Pagenkopf, Director of Organization Development at Ricoh


We helped RICOH Empower Their Leadership Transformation

Cover of the strategy guide on effective leadership by the Brandon Hall GroupAn Effective Leadership Strategy Starts with You.

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