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CrossKnowledge TV

Ricoh Americas Corporation

Ricoh is a Japanese company, which has developed internationally in around 200 countries. It is part of the Fortune 500 Global and has an annual revenue of 23 Billion. The main challenges of Ricoh lies with its story as a manufacturer in office products, which is an environement that is becoming more and more commoditized every day. People can go on the web to shop and work with different providers. What differentiates Ricoh is the solutions and services they offer.

The need that they’ve had from a learning perspective was around Leadership. Ricoh has grown in the Americas through acquisitions and hence there have been times when 10 to 20K people at a time have entered the organization – each one with their own history and culture. They needed to bring them together to have one culture to go forward and to enable the transformation they were going for.

They chose CrossKnowledge because they are innovative, they are not afraid to try something different as they showed with “The Team” videos. Ricoh wanted content that was innovating, that was engaging and contemporary, hitting on the right marks but did it in a way that really helped gain people’s attention. They used a lot of the content, the “My Management TV” and they did all that in the “CrossKnowledge Learning Suite”.

Since Ricoh started working with CrossKnowledge, they have in the course of 7 months seen returns in employees confidence in leader and in leader strategy go up of 13-16% (population of 28/30 000 people). They saw the population that had confidence in Ricoh grow by 10%.