Colleagues in a meeting
February 22, 2018
London, United Kingdom

Breakfast in London: Make Leadership Development Everybody’s Business

The current approach to leadership development is not delivering on its promise! This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be one of your organisation’s priorities. Then, why is leadership development failing today? How should you re-shape your strategy? Who should be involved?

Please join us for a new edition of the CrossKnowledge Breakfast and get inspired by our 3 experts!



Jan-Rijken from CrossKnowledge
Jan Rijken ,
Re-Shape Your Leadership Development Strategy

David Perring
David Perring,
The Power of Coaches and Peers to Support New Managers

Danish Khan's photo
Danish Khan,
Best-in-Class Leadership Development Cases




  • A new leadership development framework with key metrics to enable performance tomorrow, today & now
  • How to blend your Leadership Development to deliver just-in-time, just-enough with impact
  • The power of coaches and peers to support new managers 
  • Case study and transformation examples


Reshape Your Leadership Development Strategy Now