September 2017

Advanced integration with Coursera for Business

A big part of the success of digital learning for the learner comes from the way the technical challenges are adressed.

If we consider the number of e-learning content bought externally or developed internally by corporations, it can quickly become a nightmare in terms of integration for L&D.

CrossKnowledge has invested very early in its own Integration capabilities and applies its deep and innovative technological expertise to simplify the often complex and confusing communication between digital learning platform and a company’s varied content and learning solutions.

Continuing its way, CrossKnowledge has developed a tight integration with Coursera for Business. Thanks to a single sign-on, the learner can easily access and switch between CrossKnowledge contents and Coursera contents without having to login every time. For clients, this enhancement will avoid manual integration required to integrate Coursera’s Public API.

CrossKnowledge now also offers daily automated tracking of activities for Coursera for Business courses integrated within the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. An automatic tracking facility, at this point, was not possible as well and tracking information was sent manually once over the last 6 months.

All Coursera for Business catalog is now available in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite and is synchronized.

This means that every new MOOC or training course added to the Coursera for Business platform is automatically available in the CrossKnowledge platform now.

This facility can now be provided for all CrossKnowledge and Coursera for Business mutual clients. Do you use contents from Coursera for Business and interested to provide a better learning experience for your learner? Contact your CrossKnowledge representative today.