July 2016

New Learning Program: Big Data and Digital Organizational Culture with Rahaf Harfoush

Big Data and digitization are changing the way organizations work. Should we fear these changes? Should we embrace them? How can we finance them? How can we prepare for them? How are these changes affecting the way managers lead their teams? What is the manager’s role in creating a digital culture? Who should be responsible for it? Where should we start from?

There are so many issues raised today by Big Data and digitization. But there are also huge opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. Big Data and digitization will have a tremendous impact on management, companies’ processes, talent acquisition, retention and development and on your organization’s culture on the whole.

This collection of videocasts is a valuable starting point for building the skillset that is indispensable for the 21st century organization.

Watch the program intro: 

Rahaf Harfoush is a strategist, digital anthropologist and best-selling author who focuses on the intersections between emerging technology, innovation and digital culture. Her second book, “The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers” was published in early 2014. Formerly, Rahaf was Associate Director of the Technology Pioneer Programme at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, where she helped identify disruptive start-ups that were improving the state of the world.

Rahaf is the founder of Red Thread Inc., a boutique consultancy and think tank that supports organisations in transforming digital trends into strategic opportunities. She teaches Innovation and Emerging Business Models as part of the MBA programme at Sciences Po in Paris. She was recognised as a Young Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and as a Rising Talent by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society.

Read more about the 14 new videocasts:

Videocast 1: Big data, big insight
Exploring the example of a Google initiative called Project Oxygen, Rahaf Harfoush proves that big data is so much more than just performance metrics and sales stats: it can help you understand your company’s culture and values.

Videocast 2Big data, better agility
Rahaf Harfoush examines the potential for data to improve company responsiveness and agility, citing the example of Sprint, an American telecom provider.

Videocast 3Technology for training effectiveness
How can technology improve training effectiveness? Through the example of a start-up learning platform, Rahaf Harfoush reveals how technology can adapt to individual learning habits.

Videocast 4: Big data, big deal!
What’s the big deal about big data? Through the success story of a major retailer, Rahaf Harfoush reveals the importance of big data today and explains why each company should integrate specialists in their management team.

Videocast 5The hyperpersonalisation age
Rahaf Harfoush highlights how hyperpersonalisation affects your life both as consumers and as professionals. How can we benefit from the “me” age whilst ensuring hyperpersonalisation doesn’t create any security or privacy issues?

Videocast 6: Big data is your responsibility!
Rahaf Harfoush explains why big data should be everybody’s responsibility. What can everyone do to get on board with big data?

Videocast 7: Big data doesn’t have to mean big dollars
Rahaf Harfoush shares some day-to-day data experiments, demonstrating both big data’s simplicity and its cost-friendly benefits. Rahaf underlines that with big data the most important thing is making the first step.

Videocast 8: Don’t be afraid of big data
Rahaf Harfoush reveals why you should not be afraid of big data. How can you address your own  fears and concerns as well as those of your employees?

Videocast 9: Assessing a project’s emotional health
Rahaf Harfoush reveals why big data is not just about figures and metrics and how analytics can also get a grasp on people’s behaviour  and emotions.

Videocast 10: Ensuring ethical data practices
Rahaf Harfoush reveals why big data is not just about figures and metrics and how analytics can also get a grasp on people’s behaviour  and emotions.

Videocast 11Talent retention: the key to survival
Rahaf Harfoush demonstrates why talent retention is going to be a key to success in years to come. How can building a strong and appropriate culture help us meet this challenge?

Videocast 12Just-in-time training
Rahaf Harfoush reveals the progress technology has brought to learning and how companies should take advantage of all the tools that are available to increase their performance.

Videocast 13: Make data available to everyone
Rahaf Harfoush highlights the importance of sharing data throughout the whole organisation as different functions can benefit from it in many different ways.