February 2018

Blendedˣ Assess & Learn activity

CrossKnowledge has added a new feature to Blendedˣ called ‘Assess & Learn’ that allows L&D professionals to prescribe the right training content based on each learner’s knowledge level.

This new activity contains a set of prescriptive questions related to each specific training content. ‘Assess & Learn’ delivers adaptive training by measuring a learner’s knowledge on the selected topic before they can access the content.

Based on the score, the content remains optional or becomes mandatory for the learner to complete.


Nouveau dispositif Blendedˣ : Assess Lamp; Learn


Thus, learners now have the ability to assess their skills, which is a great way to personalize their development process based on their individual learning needs. In addition, facilitators and trainers can instantly adapt their coaching messages by motivating learners who are lagging behind and congratulating those who are performing well in their training course.


Remember facilitators can access all of the information they need (data, reporting, usage …) from their dedicated interface available via the home page.

Nouveau dispositif Blendedˣ : Assess & Learn


Another new activity that will be released soon for the Assess & Learn feature is one that will allow learners to access a post-course assessment to measure their progress. By completing all the questions again, learners and facilitators will view progress but also identify any knowledge gaps at the completion of each course.