January 2021

Create new learning resources within Blendedx for a fresh start of the year!

A new activity is now available within Blendedx, offering authors more variety and flexibility to create engaging guided training for 2021.
There are many ways to create something new depending on learning preferences. This activity includes 4 exercise templates for effective skill building inspired by the most often used authoring tool templates that can be accessed directly within Blendedx.

  • Clickable Zones
  • Concept List
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match to images

Clickable zones for BlendedXClickable Zones
This exercise allows you to let learners discover information by placing hotspots on an image with a feedback associated.
Use in Blendedx to present a product, a location, or a process, or as a discovery quiz with immediate feedback.

Concept list for BlendedXConcept List
This exercise allows you to let learners understand and check their understanding of a list of ideas or concepts.
Use in Blendedx as an introduction exercise (to list the instructional objectives) or as a conclusion to recap key ideas or concepts. It can also be used as editorial activity, with more images and dynamic display.

Fill in the blanks for BlendedXFill in the blanks
This exercise allows you to let learners check if they remember key concepts or wording.
Use in Blendedx as a quiz to evaluate what learners understand.

Match to images for BlendedXMatch to images
This exercise allows learners to sort information by associating labels and images.
Use in Blendedx as quiz to evaluate that learners put items in the right order or groups.


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