January 2013

Optimize decision making in your business with our new program featuring JP Eggers!

Professor at NYU Stern Business School, JP Eggers’ contribution to the CrossKnowledge Faculty will help you to optimize decision making in your business thanks to 13 new videocasts.

Based on business stories from major companies such as Apple, Google and Kodak, this series of 13 videocasts prompts you to identify what are the most dangerous risks for your business – letting an opportunity go or making a bad choice – and indicates how to adapt your decision making process to minimize these risks.

JP Eggers also gives you lines of action to manage the timing of your decision – immediate commitment to send a strong signal or intermediate decisions to collect more information – and encourages you to see beyond your immediate choices, to measure the long-term consequences and anticipate the response of your competitors.

JP Eggers recommends that you always seek to learn from your mistakes and leverage on experience in encouraging employees who make decisions whether they are successful or not. Finally, he promotes adapting decision making to the lifecycle of your business and focusing on short term benefits rather than striving for THE final decision that will make you a leader in your market… many inspiring pieces of advice to make the decisions that create value for your business.

Watch JP Eggers video presentation