December 2013

Mickaël Ohana, CEO of CrossKnowledge, wins the “Leadership award”

At the first award edition for the Leadership prize organized in France by the Cercle du Leadership in partnership with TF1, LCI and Management magazine on 17 December 2013, a jury of business leaders and journalists awarded the ’coup de coeur’ Leadership prize to Mickaël Ohana, CEO of CrossKnowledge.

This award is given to a business leader whose career and achievements are emblematic. It highlights a personality whose efforts to develop a culture of leadership are particularly outstanding.

The jury used four selection criteria to make their decision:

  • Entrepreneurial leadership: developing and operating a project, a product, a service, a company, an innovation, etc.
  • Human leadership: outstanding achievements in the field of personnel management
  • Personal legitimacy: the individual’s personal approach to the ideas and projects developed.
  • Leadership and influence: impact and influence of the individual’s achievements on the business environment – the company, other people, and society at large.

“I’m proud to have received this award, which confirms my belief in leadership for all, a powerful tool for revealing potential and fostering motivation. It’s a humanistic vision whose key aim is also to enhance the performance of human capital in our organizations”. Mickaël Ohana.

Mickaël Ohana is graduated from the ESSEC Business School, and his entrepreneurial spirit quickly led him to set up his own company. In 2000, at 23 years old, he set up CrossKnowledge along with three associates. In 2009 and 2010, he successfully negotiated two external growth initiatives. In 2012, he opened an office in New York and set out to conquer the US market. In 2013, he took over Digital SK, one of the leading Brazilian e-learning organisations. He now shares his time between Europe and the Americas, running the company’s US and Brazilian subsidiaries.Fascinated by the dynamics of entrepreneurship and new learning technologies, Mickaël sits on the executive committees of several European and US companies and is regularly invited to take part in international symposia.