April 2013

New contract signing between Rabobank and CrossKnowledge

On Tuesday 23 April 2013 Rabobank and CrossKnowledge signed a partnership contract. CrossKnowledge, a market leader in online learning for management and leadership, will support Rabobank Group in rolling out its learning strategy.

Context Rabobank Group & Learning

Partnership Rabobank & CrossKnowledge

Rabobank has a vision on learning and development that is highly social constructivistic in nature. For years, Rabobank has been focusing its educational efforts on classroom training, e-learning and blended learning.

The cooperative nature of Rabobank and the increasing possibilities for social and workplace learning require an adaptation to the way in which the bank offers its learning methods.
Since 2009, Rabobank has been conducting experiments with different vendors of social learning platforms to support the new vision on learning and development.

Partnership Rabobank & CrossKnowledge

Based on these experiences Rabobank has decided to rationalize its developments and select CrossKnowledge to:

  • Create an ecology of learning tools within a portal for cooperative learning;
  • Develop a portal for cooperative learning that allows Rabobank and third parties to implement formal cooperative learning programs;
  • Facilitate the deployment of cooperative learning solutions (either by the partner, or by third party Vendors)

The result of this rationalization process is to create a single point of access for all employees of Rabobank that should support informal learning and formal cooperative learning.

About Rabobank Group

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers banking, asset management, leasing, insurance, and real estate services. Focus is on broad financial services provision in the Netherlands and primarily on the food and agribusiness internationally. Rabobank Group is comprised of independent local Rabobanks in the Netherlands and Rabobank International branches abroad, plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organization, and a number of specialist subsidiaries. Overall, Rabobank Group has approximately 59,000 employees (in FTEs), who serve about 10 million customers in 48 countries.

Sussainability has always been at the heart of Rabobank. It is integral to Rabobank and how it operates. As a cooperation, Rabobank works closely with its customers and local communities to build a sustainable future. The bank helps its business clients to assess environmental, social and economic opportunities and risks, whether they are large corporations or enterprising start-ups. Rabobank offers products and services that contribute to the sustainable development of wealth and prosperity. It engages in reputable and transparent business. Rabobank is one of the world’s most sustainable banks.