June 2014

CrossKnowledge Makes it Possible to Develop Corporate MOOCs and Integrates Existing MOOCs into its Platform

CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading providers of distance training solutions, is opening up its platform to MOOCs, catering to companies wishing to venture into developing their own MOOCs. Release 13.2 of CrossKnowledge Learning Suite features new functionalities allowing integration of third party content and self-registrations while providing a highly motivating learning experience.

With over 10 million people now using MOOCs, the success of these new training approaches is mainly due to the learning experience. MOOCs have demonstrated that they can stimulate millions of learners, not because of e-learning content but thanks to a more global learning environment to which large communities of learners can freely subscribe. Going beyond content and focusing on the learner experience is the key to its success, and it is also the credo that CrossKnowledge has adopted from the very beginning.

CrossKnowledge contributes to staff development and employability by making it possible to create corporate MOOCs and providing access to existing MOOCs.

As a pioneer in the e-learning sector, CrossKnowledge supports organizations in this new field of training by allowing them to quickly and easily develop their own MOOCs using the new version of its platform.

Designed to allow the development of core business MOOCs, release 13.2 makes it possible to integrate editorial content and videos on the fly whatever their source, including smartphones. All of this content can be added to SCORM content from corporate or CrossKnowledge catalogs; it is automatically stored in the Cloud and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Social networking functionalities such as discussing, ranking and sharing exercises within a community, already featured in the previous version, are also part of the package. Release 13.2 supports self-registrations that do not require validation by an administrator, which means it is open to more learners than ever before.

CrossKnowledge also plans to integrate a selection of MOOCs already on the market this summer, choosing those that are most relevant to corporate business needs; CrossKnowledge will thus act as a “MOOC Advisor.” Clients can select the MOOCs they wish to offer their staff from the CrossKnowledge platform, depending on subject matter, language, start date, and so on. This catalog will be regularly updated.

As Steve FIEHL, CrossKnowledge’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, explains: MOOCs are clearly a golden opportunity for distance learning professionals. We’ve decided to make this new learning format our own by specifically adapting it to corporate needs”.