January 2013

A new face for CrossKnowledge Academy

CrossKnowledge is proud to announce the launch of the new version of CrossKnowledge Academy, the community portal for training professionals.
More modern and more dynamic, the portal has been extensively updated both in terms of design and functionalities. New features include the “members” and “groups” sections, which make the platform into a powerful professional social networking tool.

Since it was launched in 2010, CrossKnowledge Academy, a ground breaking community website, has offered our clients a range of services including a complete training program for CrossKnowledge solutions. The collaborative platform also encourages interactions between clients from around the world, and centralizes all the relevant functional and technical information and documentation (user guides, new versions, best practices, etc.) Available in French and English, it now has over de 5,000 subscribers.

A new face

Cossknowledge Academy’s new homepage

The graphic environment of the portal has been totally redesigned to make navigation smoother and more user-friendly. The main sections – training, blogs, resources, solutions feedback – have been restructured to organize and present content in a way that optimizes the all-round user experience.

New features: “Members” and “Groups”

crossknowledge academy feature groups

The aim of CrossKnowledge Academy still remains the same: to be a place for interaction, discussion and networking between peers. To offer even more extensive collaboration, two new sections have now been added: “Members” and “Groups”.

The Members section features a member directory, allowing users to contact each other directly to ask questions or share their ideas about particular subjects.

The Groups tab allows members to take part in discussion groups on specific themes, to share best practices relating to solutions, to discuss new training approaches, to talk about the challenges of Mobile Learning, and so on. In addition, users can launch interactions by creating new discussion groups.

About CrossKnowledge Academy


CrossKnowledge Academy helps its members to professionalize distance-learning skills and gain maximum benefit from new learning technologies. It provides detailed information about CrossKnowledge solutions, helps clients to use them effectively, and makes it possible for them to share best practices and leverage their expertise.

CrossKnowledge Academy offers its members:

  • A modular training program on subjects relating to learning technologies (blended learning, technical redesign of training programs, informal learning, etc.)
  • The opportunity to suggest improvements to solutions. Suggestions are analysed by the CrossKnowledge development teams
  • A document database providing quick access to all CrossKnowledge resources
  • A discussion forum where members can ask each other for help and share best practices
  • Annual conferences in Europe, with workshops and feedback sessions offering an ideal opportunity to meet other members and share ideas.

CrossKnowledge clients can sign on to CrossKnowledge Academy by clicking here.