August 2017

CrossKnowledge Innovation Day

CrossKnowledge organized Innovation Day on the 25th of July. Ideas fostering within CrossKnowledge employees were gathered and presented to 10 global clients in order to understand, modify and match their business needs. Employees from all different regions worked together to generate ideas and innovations that could help their clients answer their pain points.

The corporate learning environment is in a complete different place now than it was 10 years ago. Companies are starting to move away from their old school Learning Management Systems (LMS) and buying all sorts of new tools and solutions for digital learning to rebuild a whole new infrastructure that would help employees learn. People have become more comfortable and reliant with technology and, businesses are able to measure actionable insights from data collected, no matter the industry.

And with all the new “disruptive technologies” entering the market, the life of an L&D professional looks to be in safe heaven, right? Consider this: in Deloitte‘s most recent research among 700-plus business and HR professionals, corporate L&D received a net-promoter score of -8.

So, why the unhappiness? Quite simply because all these new “disruptive technologies” are fancy but they do not take into account the real needs of the corporate learning environment.  

CrossKnowledge visions the future of corporate learning to be when the vendors innovate and define new solutions and services with the organizations themselves. With this idea in mind, the Innovation Day had 10 new innovation pitched to the clients. The event saw great enthusiasm from the clients where they worked together to improve the innovative ideas to better suit their requirements.

Steve Fiehl, the CIO and co-founder of CrossKnowledge says, “This is how we want to innovate and offer new products and services to clients, by working with them, taking their feedbacks and making sure the innovation addresses their future needs.”