May 2018

CrossKnowledge Named Among ‘Visionary Leaders’ in the Latest Corporate Learning Management System Microquadrant

CrossKnowledge named among ‘Visionary Leaders’ in the latest Corporate Learning Management System Microquadrant – 2018 by ‘MarketsandMarkets™’

MarketsandMarkets, one of the world’s leading market research organization, has recently released the 2018 Corporate Learning Management System Microquadrant. CrossKnowledge was positioned as a ‘Visionary Leader’.

Corporate Learning Management System Microquadrant reviews traditional and emerging players that offer corporate Learning Management System (LMS) solutions and services, and also analyzes how well each corporate LMS vendor performs within the evaluation criteria considered to understand the market landscape.

Chart on LMS microquadrants with CrossKnowledge as a Visionary Leader

Visionary Leaders generally receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have strong and established product portfolio and a very strong market presence. They provide mature and reputable solutions. They also have strong business strategies. CrossKnowledge has demonstrated high growth potential year over year, with a diverse selection of product portfolio” said the research experts from MarketsandMarkets™.

“At CrossKnowledge, we focus on developing unified digital learning solutions to our clients offering a tight integration between technology, content and services to deliver high value for the learners and the organization. With the recent addition of the Facilitator Interface in CrossKnowledge Blendedˣ, and our customers loving our platform, we are sure we are on the right track.” said Danish Khan, Product Marketing Manager at CrossKnowledge.

Evaluation Criteria:

The evaluation for Microquadrant is based on 2 broad categories: “Strength of Product Portfolio” and “Business Strategy Excellence.” Each category carries various criteria, based on which the vendors are evaluated.

  • Strength of Product Portfolio: The vertical axis of the Microquadrant reflects the strength of each vendor’s product offerings, including breadth and depth of product offering, product features and functionality, focus on product innovation, and product quality and reliability.
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offering: This criterion evaluates each vendor’s core corporate LMS solutions and services. It constitutes of various solutions and its related services. Higher ratings were given to vendors that have the maximum corporate LMS solutions and related services.
  • Product Feature and Functionality: This criterion evaluates each vendor’s current product capabilities and features/functionalities. It includes both basic and advanced features related to corporate LMS. It also evaluate the company’s deployment model used to deploy corporate LMS solution, and approximate number of corporate LMS deployment/number of customer base, average deal size/ price range of corporate LMS solution deployment.
  • Focus on Product Innovation: This criterion evaluates the vendor’s recent developments in the last 3 year, such as new product(s) launched, patents registered, and R&D spending specific to corporate LMS solutions.
  • Product Quality and Reliability: This is the evaluation of both presales and post-sales customer support services. It includes various ways using which each vendor offers technical support to its customers.
  • Business Strategy Excellence: The horizontal axis of the Microquadrant measures each vendor’s business strategy, including geographic footprint, breadth of applications/verticals served, channel strategy and fit, and inorganic growth strategy.
  • Geographic Footprint: Under this criterion, a company’s global reach is taken into account. This is an assessment of the organization’s or business unit’s direct and indirect presence across the 5 major regions: North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and Latin America. It includes each vendor’s ability to sell and provide corporate LMS solutions and services worldwide.
  • Breadth of Applications/Verticals Served: This is an assessment for the vendor’s strategy for catering to various industry verticals with a common or customized corporate LMS solution. Additionally, the vendor’s track record and future plans in delivering on-demand, customized solutions to various industry verticals were also tracked.
  • Channel Strategy and Fit: Under this criterion, the vendor’s strategy of selling corporate LMS solutions through channel partners such as, distributors, system integrators, value added resellers (VAR), consultants, others partners to target a worldwide clientele, is assessed, along with the evaluation of the vendor’s strategies to manage worldwide channels and address un-catered and new target audience around the globe.
  • Inorganic Growth Strategy: Under this criterion, each vendor’s inorganic growth strategies for recent events such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures, and associations with respect to corporate LMS solutions are evaluated.