November 2014

Program about Digital Transformation with Martha Gabriel

Martha Gabriel joins the Crossknowledge Faculty and talks about companies transformation in today’s digital world.

An internationally acclaimed engineer, writer, consultant, academic and researcher, Martha Gabriel has published severalworks, most notably the bestselling Marketing in the Digital Age

Solução de Treinamento Transformação Digital desenvolvida com Martha Gabriel

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Watch in exclusivity the first videocast of this program: maintain productivity in the digital age

When information is coming at you from all directions, how can you stay focused and productive? Martha Gabriel begins by explaining the pitfalls of what most people normally do and then serves up creative alternatives that will help you overcome the information overload and maintain productivity.

The training program in detail

Get smarter: embrace technology!

In a world where digital technologies are growing at lightning speed, how is it possible to keep up? After all, the human brain hasn’t evolved at the same speed as technology. Citing Albert Einstein among others, Martha Gabriel unveils a new digital mindset for the twenty-first century and reveals how you can change gears and go from linear growth to exponential growth.

Facing the power shift brought on by new technologies

The rise of social media has generated a shift in power: those who before lacked influence now have the power to initiate change. In this videocast, Martha Gabriel points out why traditional hierarchical structures no longer guarantee effectiveness and why it is crucial for you to harness the benefits of social media.

Succeeding in the attention economy

The most valuable thing you can get from customers is their attention. However, as they are bombarded with new information every day, getting – and keeping – their attention has become increasingly challenging. In this videocast, Martha Gabriel offers an example from Samsung and lets you in on an invaluable technique to secure your customers’ attention and keep it for good.

The opportunities of big data

In this videocast, Martha Gabriel suggests that your performance isn’t necessarily linked to your financial means. You can optimize performance by seizing the numerous opportunities provided by big data. But perhaps more importantly, this video will warn you of what will happen if you aren’t using big data.

The hourglass market

Digital technology has radically altered the shape of the market. We have gone from a traditional pyramid to an hourglass shape, with no middle man. While this change has brought great advantages such as speed and efficiency, the skills required to stay at the top of the hourglass are constantly evolving. In this videocast, Martha Gabriel explains what you need to do to avoid falling to the bottom and to ensure you continue playing a vital role in the market.

Facing complexity through collaboration

While digital technologies have reduced global distances, they have also made the world more complex. This complexity in turn has created situations of uncertainty where you cannot possibly know everything or master all the skills necessary to succeed. Martha Gabriel points out an innovative way to gain much-needed skills and knowledge to increase your competitiveness.

The three C’s for success in the 21st century

In the past, information was expensive and lasted a long time whereas nowadays, information is mostly free but has a very limited lifespan. To help you remain in the driver’s seat, Martha Gabriel provides you with a plan of action as well as three useful tools you absolutely need in the twenty-first century.

Connect digitally with your customers

Today, most people use some sort of a mobile device to obtain information quickly. And if your customers don’t obtain desired information when they want and how they want, their frustration can potentially harm your business. Through a personal example, Martha Gabriel gives you keys to unlocking growth and outlines how to provide your customers with a positive mobile experience.

Keys for a digital company

Does being a digital company mean that everyone in the company has to embrace digital technologies? In this videocast, Martha Gabriel gives you two contrasting real-life anecdotes and their very different financial outcomes. In the end, you will understand the course of action to adopt at your level depending on your business goals.

Occupy both worlds: material and digital

We live in two very different worlds simultaneously: a physical world and a digital one. What are the implications of this double reality for your business? Where should your priorities lie? In this videocast, Martha Gabriel explains the benefits of mixing the two and tells you how to get the best out of both worlds.