July 2013

EDF has turned to CrossKnowledge for the creation of an on-line university for the group’s 12,000 managers

EDF’s Group Management University is widening its scope and has selected CrossKnowledge to install a platform that effectively combines elements of the group’s culture and skills development courses. Named ’ecampusmanagers’, it is responding to operational performance challenges, particularly the optimisation of training effectiveness and ROI.

Professional training has always been at the heart of EDF’s growth and development.

The Training Challenge agreement signed in September 2010 confirmed the group’s HR ambitions. This agreement planned in particular a widening of the scope of operation of its Group Management University, which came into effect in July 2011: now, besides higher management, the university is open to all of the group’s 12,000 managers.

Its missions have been defined in cooperation with the businesses:

  • ensure that all managers understand and can relay the group’s strategy
  • define and share a management mode that is representative of the group
  • support staff in the change

“CrossKnowledge’s powerful solutions and their expertise in this type of project meant that we could deploy really quickly and so focus our efforts on our objectives: rebuilding a training base for all group managers, giving them easily accessible tools for self-training and daily action”, says Laurence Lamy, Program Director at the EDF Group Management University.

The University called on CrossKnowledge’s expertise to succeed in this project.

’ecampusmanagers’ is based on a consistent editorial policy which makes it a preferred channel of communication for managers’ development goals. They have regularly been informed of EDF’s challenges and particular issues and trained to give them the appropriate skills to lead and motivate their teams.

To achieve this, ’ecampusmanager’ provides:

  • videos featuring the group’s directors,
  • articles and content that aid the understanding and appropriation of the Group’s culture and priorities
  • training around what EDF see as major topics (innovation, diversity etc.)
  • practical sheets,
  • experiences of managers.

In addition, to help them to develop their management skills, ’ecampusmanagers’ offers:

  • self-service programs and courses on the fundamentals of team management,
  • management training and support for change content,
  • tests to identify development paths for their skills.

After an initial pilot phase run with 500 managers in France, the project has been extended to all 9,000 managers based in the country. The third stage will include all of the group’s managers abroad, from 1st line manager to directors, with access to localised versions of ’ecampusmanagers’.