March 2012

CrossKnowledge launches Mohive 12.1, its custom e-learning content creation solution

CrossKnowledge, European leader in distance learning solutions, has announced a major update to Mohive, its collaborative content creation platform. This new version represents a major step forward for Mohive’s global client community and brings with it new advantages such as complete integration with the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.  

Mohive: integrated with the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite

Mohive 12.1 is totally integrated with the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. Administrators or content creators can now instantly publish a module created on Mohive adding it into a training path, a community portal or a CrossKnowledge online campus. This innovation will allow clients to develop and offer an unlimited and personalised training catalog.

Management of updates

With the aim of improving user-experience, CrossKnowledge has added ’search and replace’ functionality. Applicable to both text and media (images, photos, videos), this function allows an administrator to update an element present in several e-learning modules in just a few clicks. This is particularly useful when a company updates its visual identity, changes a product name, or modernises its logo.

An international solution

In order to respond to the needs of clients operating internationally that wish to propose localised training, CrossKnowledge has made it possible to add subtitles to videos. This makes it easy to offer modules which are 100% localised, accessible in several languages, without having to film new videos – optimising production costs. Mohive 12.1 also focuses on the end-user: the video player has been greatly improved and now allows learners to choose subtitles in their own language and to maximise the clips on their screen.

Other updates to the new version include enriched dashboards, template adjustments and even a new design, allowing drag and drop functionality.

This new version falls in line with CrossKnowledge’s development strategy as it seeks to unify simplified user-experience, powerful technology and ergonomic design.