October 2020

End of Flash in December 2020: make sure you’re ready!

Over the last few years, Flash has started to show its age and instead of creating a new player, Adobe has decided to discontinue Flash support by the end of this year.
How could this decision that is beyond our control impact your learning organization and what actions need to be taken?

  • Flash content will be outdated soon and will become inaccessible when Flash is no longer be available from websites and web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, …) by December 2020. If you still use any content based on Flash on your platform, make sure to remove or replace it by December to ensure a continued seamless user experience.
  • At CrossKnowledge we have anticipated this technology evolution by publishing all new content in HTML5 for over 6 years. However, we noticed that some of our clients are still using a number of CrossKnowledge Flash based learning resources on their platform. We will disable these by December 31st. To anticipate any issues, we strongly recommend you remove or replace these learning objects by December. Each customer case is unique: if you have such legacy content on your platform, your client success team will contact you to discuss your specific situation.
  • Specifically for Mohive customers, as Mohive relies on Flash for its authoring interface, we have created a Mohive desktop application in order to benefit from exact the same functionalities after Flash ends. Installing the desktop application allows you to continue using the Mohive authoring interface even when your browser doesn’t support Flash anymore. Your previously created Mohive content is not affected by Flash’s end-of-life, because playing Mohive content uses HTML5 technology. This means that existing Mohive content can still be added to training courses and accessed by learners, even after 2020. CrossKnowledge will continue to support the desktop application.

CrossKnowledge remains committed to provide you with the necessary guidance to minimize the impact of this Adobe decision through your dedicated Client Success Team. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

To start with, here are some answers to questions you already might have:

  • Where can I find the Mohive Desktop Application (MDA)?
    If you haven’t already done so, you can download and install the application from the Mohive login page. After it’s installed, logging in to Mohive through the MDA works the same as through the web browser – simply follow the on-screen steps in the MDA.

  • Will I still be able to use Mohive modules in my training after December 2020?
    Yes, your published content created with Mohive is not affected by the end of Flash. Playing Mohive content uses HTML5 technology.

  • Will I still be able to edit previously created Mohive modules through the desktop application?
    Any content created with Mohive can still be edited after end of Flash through the Mohive Desktop Application. The application has the exact same functionalities as the browser version.

  • When exactly will Flash no longer work?
    Adobe announced that it will be ending support for Flash at the end of 2020. Browser vendors started announcing their plans to phase out the product “by December”. That is why we recommend taking action as soon as possible in order to be ready before December 1, 2020.

  • How can I possibly know if I have Flash content on my platform?
    In case you’re still using one of the CrossKnowledge resources, you will be contacted by your Client Success Team. For your own content you have to audit your content library and look for any .swf extension files. Best is to run the audit on your content repository to make sure you audit all of them.