January 2014

CrossKnowledge Foundation: fight social exclusion by promoting access to training

The leading European provider of distance learning solutions is restructuring its CSR initiatives and announces the launch of the CrossKnowledge Foundation, which reinforces its commitment to fight social exclusion by providing widespread access to quality training.

CrossKnowledge announces the creation of the CrossKnowledge Foundation, designed to fight exclusion by providing extended populations around the globe access to quality training. To address this challenge, the CrossKnowledge Foundation will actively support existing initiatives dedicated to thepromotion of social entrepreneurship, diversity, equalopportunity and personal development.

The chairman of the CrossKnowledge Foundation is Hervé Goudchaux, co-founder of CrossKnowledge.

An integral part of the company’s mission

The CrossKnowledge Foundation is a new expression of the founders’ driving philosophy and the “raison d’être” of the women and men of the company: Use new learning technologies to significantly improve the lives of people around the world. For CrossKnowledge, training is one of the best gateways to social insertion and personal development, both for professional and personal life.

For several years, CrossKnowledge has supported non­profit organisations such as Ashoka, Mozaïk RH or
PlaNet Finance. These partnerships have shown that there is a clear fit between the needs of those organisations and CrossKnowledge’s expertise. In creating the Foundation, CrossKnowledge intends to offer the means to develop its CSR policy and to make it both coherent and visible to all its partners.

Mission and areas of focus

The Foundation will address all aspects of professional training for groups of individuals facing problems in their social insertion and/or career progression. The Foundation will provide free e-learning solutions and associated services, as well as continuing project management to not-for-­profit and humanitarian organisations.

The creation of a Foundation is a project at the very heart of CrossKnowledge’s mission. Given the numerous inequalities that exist in education, we are proud to be able to put our expertise at the service of organisations that seek fight exclusion by providing access to training,” announced Hervé Goudchaux, President of the CrossKnowledge Foundation.


Inequality in terms of access to training in figures:

In the UK :

  • People with no qualifications have been around three times less likely to receive job-related training than those with some qualifications
  • In 2010, 8% of employees with no qualifications report that they have received job-related training in the last three months. By contrast, amongst those with a higher educational qualification, the proportion receiving job-related training was 35%.

Source: The Poverty site – poverty.org.uk

In Europe:

  • 29.2 % of Danes and only 2,1% of Greeks between the age of 25 and 64 have access to training.

Source : Données 2011 de l’Observatoire des Inégalités


  • Only 5% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa have access to higher education compared to 70% in Europe and North America.

Source : Unesco : ’EFA Global Monitoring report’ 2009