May 2017

“How to Become the Future Organization” A Learning Program with Jacob Morgan

In a connected world, organizations must rethink how work gets done and there are 5 trends that are shaping the future of work: new behaviors, globalization,mobility, millennials and changing demographics, and technology.  To be ready for the future of work, companies need to embrace a new type of culture that empowers employees.

How confident are you in your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent? Are you, like most people in the world, struggling with information overload? How do you solve that problem?

Is your organization able to close the generational gap? Are you thinking about reverse-mentoring programs?

Some of your best and brightest employees are leaving with all their knowledge, experience and skills after they retire. Do you have a strategy in place to capture and retain institutional knowledge inside of your organization? Companies all over the world are spending time and money investing in internal social networks and collaboration technologies but oftentimes employees don’t use these technologies. Does your organization have a strategy in place to actually get employees to use these new tools and technologies?

In this videocasts collection, Jacob Morgan provides a structured framework and key principles to help your organizations chart a path to success for tomorrow.

Watch the program intro of “How to Become the Future Organization”:

Discover the 7 steps of this Learning Program

Reverse mentoring closes the generational gap

As employers look for ways to better manage their increasingly age-diverse workforce, reverse mentoring just might be the answer.
Jacob Morgan gives you 4 tips on what your organization can do to be successful with reverse – and even mutual – mentoring programs.

Don’t let knowledge and expertise escape!

When employees leave, they take all of their valuable knowledge, skills and assets with them right out the door. Many companies fail to retain those critical skills, which ultimately leads to deteriorating productivity and effectiveness. In this videocast, Jacob Morgan highlights the importance of knowledge retention and reveals 3 strategies on how firms can retain and avoid critical institutional knowledge losses.

Connectivity doesn’t mean availability

As we move towards an even more connected world, the separation between connectivity and availability
is becoming increasingly difficult. For many people, taking breaks from technology is a real challenge. In
this videocast, Jacob Morgan talks about 4 strategies that employees and managers can use to help manage the information overload at work.

When it comes to corporate social networks, strategy comes first!

We all use social technologies in our personal lives. But why is it so hard for employees to use social
networks inside of organizations? Based on the striking example of Unisys, Jacob Morgan reveals 5 top
strategies to make your team members definitively adopt your internal tools and collaborative platforms.

Start thinking of your physical work environment as a person

The workspace of the past is gone. In this videocast, Jacob Morgan elaborates on the importance of
designing your space in a way that reflects the values of your company. Jacob gives valuable insights on
how employees’ engagement and pride can be leveraged by attractive work environments.

Think of your organization like a lab, not a factory

How can your organization thrive in a world that is changing as fast today’s? In this videocast, Jacob
Morgan explains that if your organization thinks of itself like a factory and not like a laboratory then it will die. Jacob gives you 4 strategies to rethink how managers lead, how employees work, and how
organizations are structured.

Work experiences matter just as much as personal experiences

Talented people need organizations less than organizations need talented people. The concept of the
Employee Experience has only recently gotten the attention that it deserves. For most organizations, this is still unchartered territory. In the war for talents, Jacob Morgan’s tips and tricks will provide a helpful
roadmap to motivate your company’s most valuable asset – people.