December 2016

Gamified training for increased learner engagement

To increase learner engagement and team collaboration, many companies are incorporating powerful psychological incentives into their training programs that are borrowed from the gaming industry. These incentives use game-related rules, principles, and wins in a non-game context to visualize progress, encourage and motivate the learner.

Learner encouragement can provide many benefits including increased time spent learning, increased collaboration among learning cohorts, knowledge retention and incentivizing the learner to actively contribute to training by putting him in charge of his own professional development.

To put these powerful learning incentives to work, Crossknowledge is integrating these engagement techniques into the heart of its training ecosystem.

Beyond badges and leaderboards, the CrossKnowledge learning gamification experience is woven throughout the learner’s paths. In this way, gamification becomes a powerful tool to motivate, encourage and accelerate learner engagement.

Crossknowledge’s R&D teams are pleased to share a comprehensive system centered on a set of rules linking together each learner’s personal profile and the actions they take on the learning platform.

Pinpointing learner involvement:

This method promotes activity of learners qualitatively as well as quantitatively, thanks to a rewarding system including points, badges and a leaderboard. It measures:

  • Learner usage of the platform
  • Engagement in learning and improving results such as passing a quiz or engaging in a session
  • Achieving pre-determined training goals
  • Social actions such as creating discussions, commenting, using glossaries, FAQ, content sharing and liking, as well as voting.

When a learner takes an action that earns points, he is informed via a notification system, and the database is automatically updated. This psychological reward keeps him on his paths to achieve his learning goals by making each next step closer and more desirable.

On each user profile, the learner sees his own score and the badges his has earned to date.

On the homepage, a leaderboard enables the learner to know where he ranks among other registered users of the platform in real time. The user can then grow his reputation among community-members.

A badge widget enables each learner to see who is earning badges over time and most recently.

Follow in real time and analyze your activity:

Learners have a personal dashboard (“My Dashboard”) which allows them to track progress through time and visualize badges and scores acquired in the last few weeks or months.

They can even break down scores in a radar chart to immediately see strengths and weaknesses.

This type of diagram is exclusive to the Crossknowledge Learning Suite. By default this diagram is automatically organized by content themes on the learning platform.

Thanks to this elegant feature, the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite makes the learning experience more immersive. These motivating, engaging, and visual tools enable the platform to engage learners that not only meet new needs in the digital era but also put them more in charge of their own professional development.