July 2015

CrossKnowledge Hub: Unparalleled Integration Capabilities

CrossKnowledge presents its own integration platform and provides a simple response to IT departments and professions eager to integrate digital training in their existing tools.

As companies digitalize, the number of information systems deployed within organizations multiplies. Though a crucial issue for IT departments and IT professionals, integrating applications is often experienced as a stumbling block when deploying digital solutions.

CrossKnowledge Hub, available in SaaS, mainly aims to simplify communication between CrossKnowledge’s learning suite and the various content, sharing, collaboration, and productivity solutions in the company. In this way, CrossKnowledge wants to facilitate all integration projects, and make all learning experiences transparent for its users. As a result, integration time between systems is divided by three.

CrossKnowledge Hub makes it possible for customers to optimize their internal tools while profiting from a completely integrated productive environment. For employees, integrations with Yammer, Linkedin, Sharepoint or Magento improve in particular the use of CrossKnowledge’s solutions in an extended enterprise or collaborative context. Over 50 integrations are already available, helping employees gain time and effectiveness. For example, after beginning a conversation using the CrossKnowledge training solution, users can switch over and continue on Yammer in a transparent manner, and vice versa.

“We chose to focus our efforts around having only one transactional layer designed to facilitate the deployment of our solutions by taking into account our clients’ existing software. From matrix-structure company collaborations to extended enterprises, CrossKnowledge Hub offers our clients an unparalleled wealth of integration services while guaranteeing fast deployment, all within a controlled budget.” stated Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer in CrossKnowledge.

In an effort to widen the functional coverage of its training platform, CrossKnowledge has also proactively developed a roadmap of integrations with recognized market solutions.

Finally, CrossKnowledge makes it possible for partners to autonomously develop their own plug-ins and further enhance this catalogue of connectors.

For more information, go to hub.crossknowledge.com