October 2017

Human Interaction at the Heart of Digital Learning

Digitize Face-to-Face Training Using Blendedˣ – Meet the New Coach Experience

CrossKnowledge has launched a mega feature that will drastically change the way facilitators and coaches interact with our Blendedˣ technology. By receiving ‘super powers‘, they will be able to connect as a learner to see content and share comments and ideas in discussions, while also connecting as an administrator to access reporting and perform the tasks related to their role. This eliminates the need to go to the back office of the platform, which will make the lives of facilitators and coaches much easier.

Screenshot of Blendedx tasks interface


Facilitators are now selected from among the registered learners on the platform, in order to be a learner in some courses, and a facilitator in other courses.

Several facilitators can be assigned to a training, session or classroom event, which allows them to have several roles, or have several people playing the role of a facilitator in the courses.

For example, a facilitator can be involved only in class-based events, while another facilitator can be the community manager, etc.

Facilitators will be able to benefit from an experience that is closer to that of a learner, and one that is fully mobile-friendly. Facilitators will be able to:

  •  view the structure of the course
  •  view all activities
  •  view all learners registered
  •  interact in social activities and Share tab
  •  complete tasks (correct assignments, mark attendance etc)
  •  communicate with learners (send emails or reminders)
  •  access reporting information, key indicators, etc

To access the Facilitator Workspace, start at the learner interface, click on the learner profile picture and then on the “My facilitation dashboard” link. This link will only display for users that have registered as a facilitator for at least one session of a training course.

Blendedx facilitator dashboard


A new tab opens to a page listing all training courses sessions that the user facilitates.

Blendedx sessions tab interface


For each session, the facilitator can see the training course title, session title, last activity in the session, and a notification to preview the number of tasks to complete.

Click on each tab to access the session facilitation interface and view the dashboard of the session.

The Facilitator Dashboard will be ‘live’ for each customer instance by the end of October. Contact your CrossKnowledge Representative for more information or if you would like to try the new Coach Experience today!