December 2013

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Innovation is a major challenge for companies. Chris Trimble the renowned expert and author, and MBA teacher at the Tuck School of Business, explains that the exciting moment when a new idea emerges is followed by a hazardous and brittle phase: the implementation and testing of this new idea.

Companies must pay special attention to this phase so that innovations do not remain mere words on paper. Operational teams because they are focused on performance and standard processes are not the most appropriate teams to drive innovation projects. Hence the idea of building dedicated teams, open to the outside world and offering a variety of profiles, and focusing on driving experiences to validate new concepts rather than duplicating good practices.

Innovation teams must therefore be assessed according to specific criteria including their capacity to build successful cooperation with operational teams.

In this exclusive video-based program called “The execution side of innovation”, Chris Trimble says that innovating is like climbing a mountain, be careful on the way down!

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