July 2015

Our Training Program on Key Account Management with Diana Woodburn

Diana WoodburnFollowing the successful launch of the videocasts collection on Key Account Management, CrossKnowledge is proud to present another series of 6 Sessions created with Diana Woodburn


Recognized as an influential specialist in the inner workings of key account management, Diana Woodburn and co-author of a leading reference in the field “Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide“. Providing consulting and training services to large international groups via her consultancy firm, Marketing Best Practice, Diana heads up its academic formalization at Cranfield University in the UK.

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of your clients and strategic relationships?

In this new collection, Diana Woodburn gives us a better understanding in the role and challenges of an effective key account manager. How do you choose the right key accounts? How do you create the best relationship? How do you make sure you are not just selling products and services, but truly creating value for your customers?

6 new Sessions on Key Account Management

Assuming the role of key account manager,

Are you a key account manager? If so, both your customers and your company need more from you than they would from a salesperson. Get a better understanding of this new role!

Choosing Key Accounts,

Your key accounts will not necessarily be your best or oldest customers. Applying a rigorous selection process will help you avoid major disappointments.

Categorizing key accounts,

Your company wants to manage its key accounts like a portfolio, with maximum returns and minimum risks. To do this, you need to know what your key accounts think about your company. This will help you to identify different asset categories among them.

Choosing the right relationship level with key accounts,

Your company will not have the same level of relationship with all of its key accounts. Everything depends on what each key account is looking for and the opportunities for growth. As a key account manager, you need to know how committed you need to be and which resources to dedicate to each account.

Mapping your key account team’s contacts,

Developing your network of key account contacts is not limited to maintaining good personal relationships with particular people. Your task is to help the business by implementing an organized approach, which will help you develop relationships between your company and each account.

Being an expert in your key account,

As a key account manager, you are not just trying to sell products and services to your clients; you are helping them to add maximum value for their own customers. This means you will need to know them well.