July 2015

CrossKnowledge Launches “Learn” App

Combining our training expertise with mobile technology, this new app is unique in how it allows learners to manage multiple content streams both online and offline, and across devices.

The explosion of mobile technology has fundamentally modified how we learn and how we consume. By opening up physical access to training, mobile devices created new learning opportunities. As a result there are increasingly more potential learning ecosystems for mobile workers, whether at work, on trips, between two meetings or at the end of the day.

“Contrary to applications currently available on the market, CrossKnowledge’s app was designed to accompany learners throughout their entire day. We took into account learning practices and behaviors to create a completely integrated learning experience that is fully optimized to a smartphone, tablet, and a computer.” explained Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge.

Businesses can optimize training times with a cross-device approach that provides true learning continuity. Conceptually designed with mobility in mind, Learn focuses all of CrossKnowledge’s expertise in education to become a training companion that follows learners everywhere on their smartphones or tablets. “Learn works with any type of content, whether developed by CrossKnowledge, trade-specific content developed by customers, or any other type of smartphone-compatible content.

For faster business adoption, the application can also be customized using each customer’s mobile university colors. “All content is provided within the customer’s brand universe,” specified Fiehl. Content used by employees is directly synchronized and logs are consolidated in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite for better training program management.

Businesses adopting CrossKnowledge’s approach can provide each employee the same level of convivial training, but adapted to their individual needs. Also, with free access to content, they can explore other topics and subjects and share it with others in their learning community.

One typical scenario imagined by CrossKnowledge’s developers:

  • starts with employees connecting to the app to discover their new training program.
  • On their way to work, they watch offline videos on their smartphones without wasting time.
  • Once at work, connected and online, their progress synchronizes automatically.
  • During the day, they can access tips and advice to help them before decision-making meetings.
  • In the evening, they surf on their tablets to find this week’s selection or other content recommended by their peers. They can comment, share, and learn from each other.

Download and activate the “Learn” App using the code provided by the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.