September 2012

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite: the new version is out

CrossKnowledge, announces the launch of version 11.3 of the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. Already used by hundreds of clients worldwide, the CrossKnowledge platform has been totally redesigned opening up new possibilities for training.

From a catalog based LMS to a learner centred Learning Portal


With an explosion in the use of collaborative tools for business and the rise of mobility, the traditional ’top-down’ model of training, whether classroom-based or delivered via distance learning, is outmoded. Today’s workforce must be able to learn continuously, whether this is to improve performance in the workplace or to prepare for career progression.

A typical day in the life of a 21st century learner :


  • 8am: Micro-learning on a smart phone on the tube or bus on the way to work.
  • 9am: Catching up on reading from a selection of professional websites via RSS feed in the office.
  • 12.30pm: e-learning class before lunch.
  • 3pm: One-to-one with a mentor to discuss a new post and to analyse a real situation.
  • 6pm: Online exchange with a web-based community about an operational problem.


New technologies must adapt to this new trend and provide learning environments which are centred around learner needs, rather than training catalogs. Beyond the dichotomy of classroom training or e-learning, new technologies must facilitate formal and informal learning (online chats, blogs, etc.), long term and ’just in time’ training, and allow learners to connect from their mobile or a PC in a completely integrated way. CrossKnowledge’s vision of learning as shared with its clients has profoundly shaped the development of the new version of the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite.

catalogue based LMS | learner centred e-learning portal

The CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is a next-generation ’learning portal’ – customisable, social and mobile. It allows the participant to access all learning activities in one place, learning paths, e-learning resources, messages from a mentor, group or communities, RSS feeds, etc.


It is also possible for an organisation to add specific messages, such as updates on the new training programs available, tailored to the profile of the learner. The Learning Portal can also host dynamic content from other HR enterprise software, such as the results of an annual appraisal, priorities for competency development and communities from an enterprise social network… all this thanks to a deliberately open policy and a large API library.


CrossKnowledge’s Learning Portal is designed to be flexible and easily configured, without any special technical knowledge. Personalisation is maximised and there are multiple page set-up possibilities for the training environment thanks to a large selection of widgets available as standard (Editorial, News, Discussions, RSS Feed).


Social learning: Putting exchange at the heart of learning paths


The new version of the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is firmly directed towards social learning. With ’My Discussions’ a powerful micro-blogging tool inspired by social networks, adapted for the learning sphere, the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is the only platform on the market which allows the animation of exchanges within the training path. For the learner, this possibility of interaction reduces the feeling of isolation outside of the training room, allowing them to exchange with their peers and the trainer throughout the duration of the training. The ’My Discussions’ functionality puts the trainer back in a pivotal role, allowing them to be in direct contact with learners and to facilitate group discussion from a distance.


“This functionality will accelerate the move towards blended learning, breaking down any reservations that a trainer may have. In a classic mixed training path, the trainer’s intervention is reduced to within? the walls of the training room. Blended learning allows the trainer to animate the group remotely, taking-up their intended role by transforming group practise and following through to application of learning.” says Steve Fiehl, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge Group.


The CrossKnowledge Learning suite also allows communities of learners to share, save and comment on content as well as posting new items… similar to sites such as YouTube, but designed to promote and share good practises.


The next-generation ‘learning portal’ – customisable, social and mobile


These new informal training methods mean that it is possible to animate groups that aren’t affiliated to a particular training program: communities of sales teams, managers or groups by job function. Tagging and organisation of posts means that subject experts naturally emerge, who are often people capable of developing the rest of the community.


A mobile solution to accompany learning in anywhere


Committed to providing a high-quality learning experience, even from a mobile device, CrossKnowledge has worked on the portability of its solution on the most popular tablets PCs and Smartphones. To achieve this, the portals have been ergonomically adapted for the different formats. “This will allow us to increase the use of online training from a mobile device by up to roughly 30%,” Steve Fiehl calculates.

The training content of CrossKnowledge’s distance learning programs has also been adapted for mobile devices, today there are over 7000 pieces of content available. Increased portability will bring better performance, faster opening times and optimised display on Android 3.0 and iPad, the most sought after formats in Europe.