February 2018

Let Your Learners Organize Their Learning with the New ‘My Activity’ Page

CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is set to modify it’s ‘My Activity’ page.

The ‘My Activity’ page within the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite allows learners to get the necessary information directly at hand. The new design displays learner dashboards, courses, favorite learning resources, recent resources and certificates (if any) in a user-friendly interface, making it easy for learners to take control of their own learning. This will also make it easy for the learners to allocate their learning time in their busy day-to-day activities.

By making it simple to view performance matrices, courses and favorite learning resources, learners can easily organize their training routine, remain engaged and focus on the topics and resources that are of interest to them – the platform takes care of the rest. The new ‘My Activity page is one more step towards the CrossKnowledge commitment to offer an engaging, personalized learning experience for learners.

CrossKnowledge My Activity interface

The newly designed ‘My Activity’ page is mobile-first to keep the same look and feel on a desktop and a mobile device, providing the learner with the opportunity to organize and monitor their learning performance on the go! The dashboard provides key performance indicators on the courses and resources they have completed.

CrossKnowledge My Activity

A course marked as ‘mandatory’ in the learning portal is displayed in the first place on the ‘Courses’ tab, when the newMy Activity’ is activated. The mandatory training course cards also have a new icon to make a clear distinction.

Interface of CrossKnowledge My Activity

The new ‘My Activity’ page is NOT available by default. Contact your CrossKnowledge Representative for more information or if you would like to try the new ‘My Activity’ page today!