March 2015

LinkedIn ‘Add to Profile’ Show off What You’ve Learned!

Today, a new generation of workers, truly concerned by professional training and certification, is taking over the marketplace. Social media is a primary source of information for candidates, as well as a great showcase for learning organizations, as it allows potential candidates to look for information about a company and whether it supports continuous training. This is why it is important to give employees the means to promote all training and certification delivered by the company.

The Linkedin “Add to Profile” feature is an innovative option now available on the CrossKnowledge platform in collaboration with LinkedIn.

This new feature, released in December 2014, allows learners to publish their certifications on the LinkedIn professional network. For HR & Training Managers, it helps them add value to the certification programs delivered by their companies.

The company can showcase itself as a learning organization, while giving the spotlight to learners who completed thier training programs. This adds value to the learners, increasing their hiring potential, and indirectly improves the brand’s identity on social networks as an employer that attracts and retains new talent.

Add and setup the “LinkedIN Add to Profile” option in one minute on your CrossKnowledge Learning Suite interface:

Add the option:

Setup the option: