March 2019

March Newsletter

Smart links (SSO) with an expiration date

Smart links generated by the CKLS platform (manually or automatically in e-mails) now have an expiration date. The link is valid from the creation day to the expiration day.
The validity duration default value is 4 days, the possible values are between 1 and 30 days.
To modify this parameter please open a support request.

What happens with old and new links?

  • Currently (subject to changes in the coming months), old links (generated until this release) that do not contain an expiration date continue to work normally.
  • Links generated after this release contain an expiration date:
    1. If the learner clicks on the link before the expiration date is reached, the link works.
    2.If the learner clicks on the link once the date has expired, the link does not work.

We invite you to indicate to your learners that the links embedded in the e-mail are only valid during ‘x’ days, and provide them with a possibility to reach the platform login page by inserting a simple ‘bare’ link without SSO.

Smart Links


Splash screen for My Learning (version ≥ 2.10.0) and the mobile CKLS

Add your own logo and a personalized welcome text via a splash screen displayed right after the learner’s login. The splash screen is available on My Learning (version ≥ 2.10.0) and mobile CKLS.

At entity level, the administrator can activate it or not, define the welcome text, choose a background color and a text color. The welcome text can be translated.

Splash Screen