February 2014

Medicinfo and CrossKnowledge Join Forces to Launch a Unique e-Health & Wellbeing Solution

Medicinfoe-health & wellbeing solution with CrossKnowledge

Medicinfo, a leading e-health company with extended experience in developing innovative health-related information and services, and CrossKnowledge, have joined forces to launch a unique e-health & wellbeing solution that aims to increase the vitality of staff and thereby enhance organisations operating results.

Called MICK, this offer aims to help organisations willing to improve their long-term productivity by improving the life-work balance of their employees and preventing absenteeism.

e-health & wellbeing solution - CrossKnowledge


«We are very excited to collaborate with Medicinfo in supporting organisations achieve their long-term business objectives by improving the quality of life of their workforce. This clearly resonates with CrossKnowledge’s main mission: providing learning for a better life», says Stephan Atsou, Head of Continental Europe Operations at CrossKnowledge.

The MICK wellbeing solution contains a large mix of up-to-date, validated health information and an approach that uses high-quality e-learning resources and tools for personal development:

  • Cohesive programmes for physical and mental wellbeing, with content relating to personal development that has been put together by top experts from renowned institutions
  • A personalised and inspirational learning path structure available any time
  • Social learning technology (sharing information in communities, forums and discussions)
  • News and RSS feeds, themed if so desired
  • Video clips, action tips, handy “summaries” of e-learning courses
  • e-Mail and call centre support
  • A personalised Internet environment where progress is securely recorded

« We really liked the idea of creating a web-based solution capable of integrating other health programmes and services into an e-health & wellbeing solution and that could also easily link with third-party occupational health services contractors. CrossKnowledge integration capabilities made that real, ensuring that the solution can give the programme a central position in the implementation of the health policy of any organisation while making sure that legal and privacy requirements inherent to this kind of e-health programmes are met » says Angelique Bonte, director at Medicinfo.

MICK enables staff to work independently on their own physical and mental wellbeing, anytime and anywhere and brings up-to-date management information about usage, progress and results for managers and employers.

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