June 2014

CrossKnowledge Launches the Latest Release of Mohive: e-Learning Content Development for the Mobile Age

CrossKnowledge is proud to announce the latest update to Mohive, its collaborative e-learning content development platform. Fully integrated into the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, release 14.1 offers an even wider range of mobile functionalities and combines ease of use with rapid content development features.

Core business training makes up a significant proportion of corporate skills development, and a huge number of training departments have turned towards rapid learning to respond to this demand. 75 % of companies with payrolls of over 10,000 employees use e-learning in their core business training programs (source: 1st e-learning in Europe survey by CrossKnowledge, Féfaur and Ipsos).

But producing on-line content is no longer enough; this content also has to be adapted to new training approaches linked to the use of different devices, the growing use of video, and the emergence of new mobile learning behaviors.

‘Multi-device ready’ templates

To respond to these challenges, the new version of Mohive features a library of eighteen HTML 5 templates. Each template is multi-device ready and has been designed to respond to a precise learning goal.  This means that content authors no longer have to worry about devices or templates. Instead they can focus entirely on the learning goal to be achieved, following the step-by-step guidance provided. The template selection system is very intuitive. Once the learning goal has been defined, the content developer selects a template in the required format (informative, multiple choice questions, video, cloze tests, drag-and-drop, etc.) Mohive 14.1 then suggests a wide range of layouts designed to offer the learner a rich and varied experience.


the latest release of Mohive

By adopting an approach that separates form from content, release 14.1 allows authors to focus on content in the knowledge that the graphic design will be sleek and coherent (it is displayed as ‘responsive design’) and that the content will be perfectly legible on any device.

Automatic content conversion 

At a time when video is being increasingly used in e-learning programs, CrossKnowledge has chosen to simplify its use by offering automatic video conversion at the import stage and optimizing viewing quality. Mohive 14.1 also automatically optimizes images at the point of display. When the video or picture is imported, the system automatically manages their formats, displaying the one that best suits the learner’s screen size and broadband speed.  All these new features ensure an enhanced, high-quality learning experience.    

The learning experience is a key success factor for distance learning programs. The increasingly widespread use of mobile devices and video has transformed the way training content is designed.  Since the very beginning, we at CrossKnowledge have constantly adapted the solutions we offer, embracing the very latest innovations to respond more effectively to corporate needs. This is the rationale behind the design and development of the new version of the Mohive platform’,

explains Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge.