March 2018

My Learning Gets a Makeover!

The CrossKnowledge answer to the demand for on-the-go mobile learning is the new My Learning app. Officially launched in May 2017, this mobile app, unlike other solutions available in the market today, has the right combination of ingredients to help organizations reach their business objectives.

For learners to easily access their learning on the go, and to bring consistency on the desktop and mobile version of learning, My Learning is improving its login mechanism.

My Learning évolue

The application login process includes the following possibilities:

  • The learner opens My Learning on the phone/tablet
  • The Learner decides:

My Learning évolue

to enter the activation code found in their profile page (existing process) or;

to enter the organization he/she is working for (new process).


If the learner chooses to enter the organizations name, he/she logs in the same way as in a desktop experience (via corporate SOO, SAML, public authentication service such as Google, or simple email and password). Learners no longer have to remember their access credentials or have a desktop screen to enter the validation code.

My Learning évolue

This new login mechanism brings a new dimension to mobile learning. Access to learning resources is not only possible, it’s just a click away! Contact your CrossKnowledge representative for more information today.