June 2017

My Learning: For Learning on the Go!

My Learning, the new CrossKnowledge mobile learning app, is designed to help deliver operational efficiency through effective learning, collaboration and sharing.

Today, mobile devices are used by more than 50% of world’s population. Mobile phones are the fastest growing means for internet connectivity. Mobile devices are inescapable in our personal as well as business lives. And this explosion of mobile technology is also fundamentally shaping the way we learn and consume.

Businesses can optimize learning engagement and training times, with a cross-device approach that provides true learning continuity.

Watch the video and discover My Learning, the new CrossKnowledge learning app

Access the real blended learning experience, available anytime anywhere!

Conceptually designed with mobile first in mind, My Learning is a learning experience launcher. Contrary to many other mobile learning apps available in the market that launch only individual learning contents, My Learning is ideal for launching the whole training course in mobile, and not individual training materials, both online and offline and across all training devices, allowing learners to be fully immersed in the training path and involve themselves throughout the course.

“L’Occitane has many employees working on the field in retail shops and meeting customers on a daily basis. My Learning has helped us deliver our training paths to our employees directly to their smartphones. My Learning is immersive, simple and easy to use. They can download their courses and access them even when they have no internet connectivity. This has really helped us to keep our employees up to date with our latest products and sales approach.says Claudia Furtado, International Digital Learning Solutions, L’Occitane en Provence.


All courses are synchronized across multiple devices for better learning management.

Training paths accessed by employees via My Learning app are directly synchronized and logs are consolidated in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite for better training program management. For faster business adoption, the application can also be customized to match the customer’s colors.


Improving learner engagement and focus throughout the learning process.

My Learning will soon be able to handle new training formats and mobile channels allowing L&D professionals a wide variety of options to choose from and constructing training paths and courses suitable for learner’s needs. And for a learner too, having mobile channels ready will allow them the possibility to explore other topics and subjects and share it with others in their learning community.

My Learning is already available for all our clients who currently use our existing Learn app. Accessing My Learning is very easy. My Learning is available for Android and iOS devices. Download My Learning and access it via the code provided by your Crossknowledge Learning portal. Courses created using the Blendedˣ technology have proven to be very powerful and engaging, and combining it with the new My Learning app, the possibilities seem endless.