December 2017

New Blendedˣ Quizzes Activity

CrossKnowledge released an exciting feature in Blendedˣ that allows learners to instantly assess their knowledge via a series of single choice and multiple choice questions.

This new quiz activity will help measure the competence of each learner, both in relation to a given subject and in comparison to his or her peers. It will also allow L&D and training managers to measure learner knowledge, and includes helpful pre and post assessments. The quizzes can be used at anytime during a course, to assess progress or simply to encourage the learner to continue with the course. Multiple quiz activities can be used in the same training path for maximum insight.

Once a quiz is completed, learners can immediately see their score and accompanying feedback. Administrators have the possibility to directly upload their questions in an Excel format, making the process quick and simple.

Hand holding mobile phone over laptop

A second part of this new quiz activity will be released soon, with additional features such as:

  •  the possibility for learners to re-take quizzes and improve their scores
  •  even more detailed results and feedback
  •  access to a consolidated visual report in addition to individual results
  •  a facilitator interface with quiz previews and reports