October 2016

OpenBooks: A New Collection to Drive Workplace Performance and Productivity

CrossKnowledge, internationally recognized and award-winning integrated digital learning solutions provider, has capitalized on its parent company Wiley’s publishing expertise to create a premier digital library solution for programmers, IT and business professionals.

The offer, powered by O’Reilly Media’s PubFactory, is not simply an e-book service, but instead provides organizations with a curated solution to access the very best library of world class IT and business information published by Wiley brands and imprints (For Dummies, Sybex, Jossey-Bass, etc).

Most users do not read whole books or even whole chapters of books – instead, they quickly zero in on much-needed information from one or many different sources. And they need that information immediately. Through OpenBooks, employees will have the ability to search and instantly find relevant sections to answer technical or business questions.

Copy/paste function offers easy transfer of knowledge into other formats (PPTs, organizational documentation, …). Quotation feature make it easy for employees to present quotes from works in international standard formats.

Responsive and entirely searchable within each title and within entire collection, the OpenBooks collection helps organizations and employees save time and improve productivity.

Used in combination with other CrossKnowledge learning formats, the books create customized training paths, thus offering the ability to support informal learning requirements and blended learning.  Finally, this new collection serves as a complement to the CrossKnowledge Library to provide a diverse learning experience for organizations who seek to transform their people.



About CrossKnowledge :

With more than 12 million users in 130 countries, CrossKnowledge is one of the world’s leading distance learning providers. CrossKnowledge solutions apply to companies and organizations of all sizes, successfully helping them execute their strategies, measurably developing competencies for each of their employees. They are built using world renowned content, social and mobile technology training expertise integrating the latest in educational research, and 16 years of experience and best practices for deployment. CrossKnowledge is part of the Wiley group.