February 2011

Plotting a course for the Corporate University

Corporate Universities (CUs) have transformed over the last twenty years. Their business drivers, goals, organisation, teaching models and techniques have all changed. This is partly due to internationalisation and market globalisation, partly to successive economic crises and technological breakthroughs.

Whatever the source of the change, CUs need to rise to the challenge not only of transforming the corporations they serve, but of transforming themselves so they can continue to do so successfully.


“To set up a Corporate University it helps to know your precise point of departure, your heading and your ports of call.”


Deciding to set up a Corporate University can be like embarking on voyage over unfamiliar seas. It helps to know your precise point of departure, your heading and your ports of call. You need to know the sea conditions, the weather forecast, and the state of the ship and crew.


To assist organisations planning a Corporate University of their own, CrossKnowledge consultants Bruno Dufour and Jérôme Wargnier have written a Whitepaper offering some valuable navigation aids.


Corporate Universities: Making the voyage from business-driven learning to learning-driven business summarises the evolution of Corporate Universities, identifies common themes and recent breakthroughs, and highlights key success factors. Bruno and Jérôme also describe the specific contribution that CrossKnowledge can make to a CU venture, and offer views on what the future holds.